give a little bit

So I’m a small business. Kind of an accidental enterprise when I started out tbh. I was getting into consulting and I needed a shingle to tell my story. A logo sketch, some vector help from Ben Jordan, and a dusted off domain I’d owned for 8 years later, I’m suddenly Clutch. Not so suddenly if you ever creeped on my LinkedIn bio.

Lots of little decisions followed. Not the least of which was client holiday gifts. I had 8 clients at the end of 2016, and a handful of colleagues and friends I owed a drink for either sage advice, timely support, or remote high fives. I looked at DiBruno Bothers gift baskets (an old standby) and thought about sending a bottle of wine (but I live in Pennsylvania where booze is too hard).

After much introspection I settled on sending clients and friends prints from Scott Campbell. I’m an illustrator, and an illustration enthusiast, and I imagined a fellow illustrator like Scott might appreciate a little holiday business more than the larger enterprises I was considering supporting with my patronage. 

Scott has some really amazing pieces and does these great illustration series

For this year’s client gifts I settled on a tribute to America’s greatest living actor, Jeff Goldblum:


And for the folks I wanted to buy a drink for (but couldn’t because they’re all over the country) I bought his Star Wars cantina prints. Honestly, these guys look like more to raise a glass with than I am anyway:


Yeah, it’s me kind of imposing my taste on my clients, but it’s authentically something I’m passionate about, and something I sincerely think will put a smile on someone's face. 

Sorry Greg Storey, I got you a book.