That was Clutch is fortunate to work with great clients, and the results have been overwhelming. 

Joe’s experience makes him uniquely qualified to offer relevant, creative solutions that are practical and effective. On top of that, he is easy to work with and the kind of person you are better for knowing.
— Masten Worley, Business Development Director, Sparkbox

"When we began working with That Was Clutch in the spring of 2017, we were pretty skeptical. We wondered if any biz-dev consultant would take the time to truly understand who we were and what we were really all about. We weren't interested in one-size-fits-all solutions and recommendations. We wanted approaches that made sense for us, were authentic to our DNA and aligned with our vision. That Was Clutch has exceeded our expectations. From our first onsite through to today, they've not only delivered the kick in the pants we needed, but they've done so while feeling a part of our team."

—Chris Free, Partner and Creative Director, Chromatic

"Joe has the uncanny ability to be wickedly smart and completely approachable at the same time. Sometimes when prepping pitches, I imagine what Joe would say if he were in the room. The answer is is always something funny, supportive and edifying of my existing skill set. He makes successful Biz Dev seem totally attainable."

—Jen Dary, Owner, Plucky

"Joe's work (referred to fondly around Upstatement as The Clutch Report) has helped us better our business development practices and strategies and find some of our blind spots. His insight and experience helped us gain perspective into our process and his professionalism made it easy to put him in touch with current and past clients to gather data. The only ding against Joe is that he won't work for us as our full time Biz Dev Director, but we'll take what we can get."

—Mike Swartz, Partner, Upstatement

Working with That Was Clutch gave me the insight, techniques, and tools to make business development a regular part of my workflow instead of being just another thing to add to my to-do list. That Was Clutch crafted an approach for me that feels natural to my business, and that’s made a world of difference.
— Dan Mall, Founder and Director, SuperFriendly

"Joe makes the tough job of agency self-reflection easier. He challenged us as a team to dig deep, answer some hard questions and push through our internal clutter. Step-by-step Joe and his team lead us through exercises that made us stronger, smarter and put us on a positive path for success. The cool thing about Joe is that he knows what makes your organization great, he just makes you and your team dig in to find it."

—Scott Peters, Founder & CEO, Assemble

"Joe has provided an invigorating strategic approach to helping take our business development and operational efforts to the next level of growth. His background, experience, and connections have had a tremendous impact on the overall effectiveness of our business in less than a year's time."

—Mark Gisi, Founding Partner, Strategy Director, Eastern Standard

"Partnering with That Was Clutch enabled Four Kitchens to attain a 43% open rate on a recent event email campaign. We've enjoyed learning more about long term nurture campaigning and communicating with potential partners in a way that is true to our unique brand, and service offering blend. Plus, they're pretty cool people (for Philly fans)."

—Mike Klanac, Business Development Manager, Four Kitchens

Joe helped us expand our vision for what was possible and provided a pragmatic way to make it happen. His deep knowledge and experience were valuable at every step. We’re already seeing results from our work together. Plus, he’s just damn fun to work with.
— Leslie Camacho, Chief Customer Officer for Craft CMS, Pixel & Tonic

"One of the smartest things I’ve done in business was to connect with Joe Rinaldi. Touching base with Joe each week helps me remain intentional in my consideration of opportunities and pursuit of leads. Any growth we experience as a studio is due in no small part to Joe’s insights."

—Jeffrey Zeldman, Founder, Studio.Zeldman

"There are no secret answers when it comes to business development - it's good strategy, hard work, and consistency. The problem is how and where to start. That Was Clutch developed a framework for how to define the right strategies along with a path forward for executing on them. It sounds simple, but that’s only because they're good at it."

—Jon Cofsky, Owner, [whitepenny]

"From the moment you meet the That Was Clutch team, you’ll see they genuinely care about helping you succeed, and they love the work they’re doing. Combine that with 21 years of industry experience and the best sports analogies in the business, and you’ve got a winning combination to solve whatever challenges your agency is facing. Their recommendations for Dynamo were insightful, practical, and effective, and I would work with them again in a heartbeat."

—Alyson McPhee, Business Development Director, Dynamo

"We've only recently met, but it feels like we’ve worked together for years. That Was Clutch took the time to learn about our team’s true passion. They’ve helped us discover our authentic self and create a more personalized business development process. It gives us great peace of mind knowing we can rely on their experience and wisdom when we need direction."

—Dallas Johnson, Founder, Bokka Group

It’s pretty simple. The Clutch team is more experienced at business development than you are. So you hire them to come in and listen. Then they make tailored recommendations based on your organization’s size, skills and strengths. Then you buy a yacht.* (*Yacht not guaranteed)
— Chris Reif, Partner Armor