I love nicknames. One time a guy I worked with in Savannah called me “Dr. J” because I’m from Philadelphia. The name did not stick, but it may have been the greatest moment in my life. Greg Storey has the cutest nickname for me. He calls me “When are you going to blog about it?” I know this is my nickname because he calls me it every time I talk to him. It’s catchy too. Dan Mall calls me “That’s a blog post.” 

With all this blog talk I began to wonder, should I be blogging?

Dan and Greg are excellent writers, and bloggers from way back. I’ve spent a long time talking about blogging with the two of them over the past few months and they’ve both taught me something valuable, again.

Yes, I should be blogging, and so should you. 

It’s a way to catalog what I'm thinking about, what I'm working on, half-baked ideas, etc. It doesn’t need to adhere to a cunningly clever editorial plan or content strategy. It doesn’t have to break the internet in half with its novelty.

It’s valuable to me to put my thoughts out there, whether it’s valuable to anyone else is almost unimportant.

My goals are:

  • To blog about my work, but remain personal
  • To blog frequently, but not kill myself if I miss a weekly schedule
  • To be honest, a little vulnerable, and a lot transparent

This is my first blog post, so I owe a little personal transparency. I do have a nickname. My family calls me Zep. It’s short for Giuseppe, and so am I.