A Better RFP

The RFP process is a vital method for partner selection, and it's broken. An RFP revolution is coming, slowly. In the meantime a Better RFP is here to help. Whether selecting a longterm development partner, or augmenting your internal product team, the Better RFP asks the right questions to drive critical insight. It's part x-ray vision and part crystal ball providing deeper transparency into "fit" and a better opportunity to anticipate outcomes. The RFP process exists because choosing a partner is hard, especially when it matters most, let's get it right. (COMING SOON)


Better RFP

The Better RFP is designed to surface the insights and answers you need. It provides clear guidelines on both crafting RFP questions and evaluating RFP responses. It's built to usher you successfully into and through the RFP process. (COMING SOON)

More On RFPs

Joe RFP.jpeg

RFP Advice From The Front Lines

Cognition May 17, 2012 by Joe Rinaldi

"Stop what you’re doing! John Conner sent me from the future to prevent you from authoring this RFP. I’ve seen the aftermath."

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Vendor Selection Advice From The Front Lines…

Cognition May 31, 2012 by Joe Rinaldi

"Recently, I offered my suggestions regarding the RFP construction and management process, but I left my dear readers with a cliffhanger…"

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Sharpen Your #2 Pencil. It’s RFP time

Cognition April 23, 2015 by Katie High

"Around here, it’s PSSA (Pennsylvania System of School Assessment) season. I hear lots of stories from friends and family about the extremes of testing."


Good Questions: Why We Prize Project Definition

Cognition September 22, 2016 by Rawle Anders

"They say the smartest students are the ones who ask the most questions. As a kid, that didn’t make a lot of sense—you think you look vulnerable—but with every answer you get, you’re more informed, wise, and empowered to keep learning."

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What makes a good RFP?

Medium August 17, 2015 by Mike Swartz

"I know, we all love to hate RFPs. But clients keep sending them, so how about we talk about how to make them work?"

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RFPs: The Least Creative Way to Hire People

A List Apart July 05, 2011 by Greg Hoy

"Remember high school? Let’s say (hypothetically, of course) someone passed you a note in class that was actually a secret invitation to a party at someone’s house."

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Five billion reasons to change the RFP

TEDxWinnipeg December 3, 2015 by Cal Harrison

"Millions of dollars are wasted writing proposals. Cal tells us how and why we need to change how we purchase professional services."